Horseworks Ranch & Rescue, Inc.

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Auction Horse Rescue in Poolville, TX

At Horseworks, our mission is to save horses that people have given up on and give them a chance at a good life with veterinary care, feeding, training, and re-homing into loving homes. Right now, our auction horse rescue facility has 10 horses, 6 of which are from kill pens. These are outstanding horses that someone was going to give up on. There are many more like them out there, so we have our work cut out for us.


Our horse rescue organization was founded by married couple Steven and Lisa Isenhour of Poolville, Texas. Steven serves as president and Lisa as the treasurer. After moving to Texas three years ago from Pennsylvania, we wanted to give back to horses and started with 3 rescue horses. That is when we found out about kill pens and the sheer number of horses slaughtered each year. We decided to do something to save horses and started this organization.

Focused on the Horses

Other horse rescue facilities are often overcrowded, but we want to focus on 10 to 15 horses at one time. We aim to provide the training they need and find good homes. We are willing to work with anyone across the country looking to buy horses, and will even assist with transportation. We are all about the horses and want to save as many as possible.