Horseworks Ranch & Rescue, Inc.

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All Horses Deserve a Chance At Life

Horse Rescue in Poolville, TX

The mission of Horseworks Ranch & Rescue, Inc., a Poolville, TX-based horse rescue, is to save horses at auction before they make it to a kill pen. These horses haven't had a chance to show what kind of horses they could be. We bring them to our facility for training and rehabilitation and then we find them a good home. Contact us if you have any questions or want to donate to our efforts.

Horse Rescue in Poolville, TX

Focus On Horse Training

The truth is that people refuse to buy horses they can't ride, and they don't want to put the work in to train them. That's where Horseworks comes in. We put in the work for this long process, which results in a better, more capable companion than rescuing from a kill pen and hoping it survives for 30 days. Our plan is to only keep 10 to 15 horses at a time and focus on trying to get them healthy, rehabilitated, trained, and ridable. Then we try to re-home them after they are trained, healthy, and in good shape.

Plenty of Room to Roam

At Horseworks, we have 20 acres full of lush grass and hays. Our facility is more of a resort for horses than rescue or quarantine operation. You can rest assured that the horses we rescue enjoy beautiful pastures and all the space they need.

Healing Horses

When we buy horses at auction, we have them checked out and ensure they receive needed shots. Most horses catch illnesses either during the auction or in the kill pen. Too often sick horses are placed together with healthy horses and they all end up sick. This is why rescued horses arriving from auctions and kill pens should be quarantined for 30 days before they can be introduced to other horses.