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Horse Rescue Volunteering in Poolville, TX

As you probably know, horses aren't free. Horses are put up for auction every day, and your donations and volunteer efforts to Horseworks are needed to help us purchase, rehabilitate, and feed them at our rescue facility in Poolville, Texas. All donations will be tax-deductible since we are a pending 501(c)(3) organization. Our nonprofit was started to save these horses, and we need to find other people with big hearts to us help out. We hope that you are one of them, so contact us about the horse rescue volunteering opportunities we offer today!


We accept monetary donations and donations of supplies to help care for the horses. We can take items donated locally at a drop-off. Outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it will be easier to donate money. If you wish to donate feed, we ask that it be an unopened bag — we don't want to risk horses becoming sick. We are also in need of:

  • Stable Supplies
  • Water Troughs
  • Buckets
  • Feed
  • Hay


Sign up to become a volunteer by contacting us online, via phone, or by email. Once everything is set up, you can come to the ranch to volunteer. A probation period is necessary to make sure you are comfortable with the horses. We are looking for knowledgeable volunteers who have been around horses and understand the dangers involved with them. Preferably, you will have owned horses in past or present, or have some horsemanship skills. There is no time commitment to be a volunteer. Even if you just want to come and volunteer for a weekend, we welcome everyone with a heart for horses.

Horse Rescue Volunteering in Poolville, TX