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The United States has a horse breeding problem. During mare and foal season, auctions are full of baby horses because ranches only keep around 300 horses out of every 1,000, dumping the rest. If they are not sold, they end up as one of the 20,000 horses the United States slaughters annually. Though some are sick or lame, far too many are good horses that someone has just given up on.

Horseworks is a horse rescue ranch and organization that purchases, rehabilitates, trains, and re-homes these wonderful creatures to give them a second chance. We plan to have our auction horse rescue facility in Poolville, TX (just outside Fort Worth, TX), fully operational in three to four months. In the meantime, you can become involved in our organization by donating or volunteering to help us get underway. Future donations and volunteers will help with ongoing operations. Contact us if you have any questions or want to donate your time, treasure, feed, hay, or tack to help us care for these majestic animals.

Member, American Quarter Horse Association

Discover how you can help us in our efforts to save the lives of good horses.
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